Sideways Waterfalls

Okay, I really haven’t lost it and there is no freak of nature where I’ve found that water falls sideways. I just didn’t know that my p&s camera wouldn’t download videos to my computer orientated in the manner that I took them like my Canon camera does. So since I want to show these videos to you because I know you all love water as much as I do, please indulge me by tilting your head to the left and watching the videos as if they were orientated 90 degrees clockwise from the way they are here. I promise I won’t screw the video mode on my p&s camera up again!

NOTE: The waterfalls can get a little loud!

You’ll recognize these waterfalls from my post on Watkins Glen State Park from the other day. This is the first falls we saw – notice how fast the water is shooting through the narrow opening.

This is one of the falls we could walk behind:

I love how the water snakes through the rock and falls into the big pool:

I am in love with these waterfalls: