Corbett’s Glen Nature Park

Today I stopped on my way home from work at Corbett’s Glen Nature Park even though it was about 100 degrees out, with 99.99% humidity, okay, I exaggerate, 99.98%, and a high ozone warning. Ah, what’s a little heat, humidity and ozone anyways.

2007-06-26 DSC00801

I had to walk through this railroad tunnel, which for some reason didn’t thrill me (it’s the engineer in me, I always think about how things can break).

2007-06-26 DSC00796

Here’s the first falls which is about a six foot drop (ohhh, I know, whoop-te-do, but hey, it’s close by)!

2007-06-26 DSC00799

As I was walking through the tall weeds to the next falls, I saw this, one of Susan’s favorite plants, the milkweed:

2007-06-26 DSC00809

Oh my, now that I’m looking at this photo, I didn’t realize how *cool* milkweed flowers are before!!

And on a milkweed leaf was a bug carrying a dead bug:

2007-06-26 DSC00810

Now I have to admit, that is cool, too!

This is what the path looked like, for the most part. Believe me, I was checking every weed looking for poison ivy:

2007-06-26 DSC00815

I finally arrived at the second falls, which is a four foot drop:

2007-06-26 DSC00819

As I was walking in to the park, I saw some kids come out in swimsuits. What a great idea, to go wading here! Ah, nice and cool!

Here’s a damselfly I saw here. It’s not exactly a macro shot (it wouldn’t let me get close) but I love the shadow it cast.

2007-06-26 DSC00825_crop

Here’s the last waterfalls, called Postcard Falls, with a drop of about six feet:

2007-06-26 DSC00845

Once I was done photographing the water and falls, I was able to go on the normal trail:

2007-06-26 DSC00853

Oh! I saw a Baltimore Oriel fly away from me – too quick for me to grab a photo, but enough for me to see its orange self.

Here’s another view of the first falls again, and the railroad tunnel on my way out.

2007-06-26 DSC00859

There were birdies above the piping in the tunnel. I heard them making lots of racket as I was walking through.

Here’s the creek on the other side of the tunnel. I *love* the ripples in the water.

2007-06-26 DSC00872

All in all, not a bad place to visit after work! I’ll be going back! And you haven’t heard the end of this place yet. There’s some history to it, too, that I’ll share another time!