Day: July 1, 2007

Niagara Falls State Park, Whirlpool State Park

My younger brother, my niece (her first visit to the falls), my Mom and I went to Niagara Falls yesterday. It was in the 70’s here which was perfect for going to the falls. We drove over to Goat Island and first saw the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side:

2007-06-30 DSC00903

2007-06-30 DSC00901

Video Note: The water and the wind were very loud, so please be careful if you play the videos!

Here’s a Maid of the Mist headed for the falls. We’ve done this boat ride during a previous visit:

2007-06-30 DSC00895

I used to love hearing my Dad tell me about the the old power plants and the huge turbines. His father used to work at Niagara Mohawk, so we always heard interesting stories.

2007-06-30 DSC00912

We then walked over to see the American Falls from Goat Island:

2007-06-30 DSC00919

And from Luna Island. It’s cool how those logs stay on the very edge:

2007-06-30 DSC00927

Looking down at the bottom of the American Falls was a complete rainbow, but I couldn’t capture it all!

2007-06-30 DSC00932

Here’s the top of Bridal Veil falls from Luna Island:

2007-06-30 DSC00935

My niece wanted to go down to the Cave of the Winds:

2007-06-30 DSC00940

She and my brother had to wear special sandals and plastic rainbags:

2007-06-30 DSC00944

While they were doing this, Mom and I walked over the bridges that cross over the Niagara River:

2007-06-30 DSC00957

After we met up again, we shopped, then left. I couldn’t get a photo of the Tesla statue or the arch entranceway (soooo many people crawling all over Tesla – poor guy). But here’s a sign on the wall of the arch entranceway:

2007-06-30 DSC00972

Next we headed to the Whirlpool State Park, down the Niagara River from the falls. They need to cut down some trees so we can get a better view of the whirlpool!

2007-06-30 DSC00984

People can hike on the Canadian side along the whirlpool. Okey dokey – not me!! And here’s another thing you wouldn’t catch me doing! Riding a cable car over the whirlpool. Turns out my younger brother thinks the same way I do about how things can break and why *not* to do something like this!

2007-06-30 DSC00988

I want to go back to Whirlpool State Park because they have a Niagara Gorge National History room that I would like to go through. I also would like to go to the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center.

I didn’t get to spend time looking at the plants on Goat Island like I wanted to, but I did spy this big ginkgo tree:

2007-06-30 DSC00967

I never get tired of visiting Niagara Falls State Park. It’s amazing the attitude I received from people when I said what I was going to do yesterday! “Why would you want to do that?” is one response I got. My answer is “Why wouldn’t I want to do that?” And I want to do it again, too!