Day: July 11, 2007

Life Is Good!

I mentioned the other day at the end of my Skaneateles post that “Life Is Good” and now I’ll tell you what I meant by this! My older brother had a hiking T-Shirt sent to me, and I received it today!!


Isn’t this the cutest shirt!!


On the back of each T-Shirt near the neck is this logo:


And the shipping box had the following really cool things on it:





And the coolest thing is I bought a T-Shirt exactly like this one for my friend Jim over three years ago. I found it in the Arizona Highways store in Scottsdale (now closed) and they only had them in mens’ sizes so I never was able to get one for myself. And then my brother told me they have a website and now have women’s clothes, and he ordered this one for me! They also have really nice, fuzzy socks, mmmmm.

And this is for you 😀 that’s me smiling at you hoping that my simple smile is doing some good!