Catching Up

First, I am so sorry to those people who lost family members or are badly injured from the bridge collapse in MN this past Wednesday, but am glad that my blogging friends in MN are okay. Bridges, and anything man-made, freak me out. This bridge collapse has prompted NYS to look at similar bridges in this state. Huh? Okay, how about all of the freakin’ bridges? Especially ones that go over water. Especially the one I go over at least twice a day.

Okay, speaking of bridges, around July 15th they renamed the new Troupe Howell Bridge which crosses the Genesee River in Rochester to The Frederick Douglass – Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge.

2007-07-18 DSC01210

2007-07-18 DSC01211

So guess what the name one of the traffic guys on the radio uses for this bridge? The Freddy-Sue. Alrighty then. And the other thing is they want to paint it lilac for the lilac festival. I really hope that is a rumor.

Here’s a pretty fuschia flower for you:


Part of the reason why I was out of touch is I was taking care of my Mom’s home while she was hiking in Yosemite with my older brother:


She is my inspiration on many levels. The woman just lost her husband, and she’s hiking out in Yosemite at her age. It was actually very good for her to get away!

When she came back, we went to the last RPO (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra) performance for the 2006-2007 season. It was at FLCC’s CMAC (Constellation Brands Performing Arts Center) in Canandaigua which is an open-air center, and the seats I ordered were in a nice breezy part (I have to remember these seats)!

2007-07-28 DSC01258

2007-07-28 DSC01249

If you’re thinking RPO, snorze-ville, it wasn’t! Hmmm, I have to find my brochure, but for the last piece they performed Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and had five (I think) real cannons go off at the appropriate places. Talk about chills going up and down my whole body!!

And then they had fireworks, which we couldn’t see from where we were sitting, so we went on the lawn in back and since there was a mob there already, we didn’t get to see them all, but here’s one of them:

2007-07-28 DSC01264

And there was a full moon and it was orange, spooky, freaky orange:

2007-07-28 DSC01267_crop

Hmmm, it wasn’t orange at my house.

One of Mom’s trumpet vines is in blossom. I love the stripes on the inside of the flower:

2007-07-29 DSC01287

She’s also grown the most beautiful snapdragon I’ve ever seen. My niece and Mom started these seeds indoors during the whole ordeal with my Dad. I encouraged them because I knew Mom and I would need these and other flowers this summer. My niece was a big help!

2007-07-29 DSC01293

I almost got into big trouble with this bee as I was getting real close to it and must have touched it with my camera because it got mad. But I’m getting braver with these stinging things:

2007-07-29 DSC01306

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but these are some of the highlights from the last couple of weeks. I hope you’re enjoying these dog days of August. I don’t mind them too much, as long as I have air blowing on me and lots of water and juice to drink!


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  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Aug 03, 2007 @ 17:53:30

    Dear Pam- I’ve really missed you! It’s nice you could watch your Mom’s house so she could get out and travel with your brother. I’m sure that was really good for her. Thanks for your concern about us in Minnesota. It’s been a very sad few days here.The news coverage has been constant. There are some truly amazing stories of selflessness and heroism being reported.

    -On to your pictures:
    -the fuschia looks like it’s carved from wax!
    -I’ve never been to Yosemite- gorgeous! I’ve got to put it on my “gotta do” list!
    -I love outdorr concerts (but it’s been a while)
    -I can see the man in the moon!
    -the trumpet vine reminds me of lipsicked lips
    -that IS the most beautiful snapdragon!
    -I’m getting braver with bees too!



  2. laurie
    Aug 03, 2007 @ 20:31:12

    I’m with Lynne, I’ve really missed you! The photos are wonderful. I saw the same moon on Saturday night. I wish I’d have gone back outside and taken a photo, but I don’t think it would have been as beautiful as yours.

    Good to see you posting again.



  3. mon@rch
    Aug 03, 2007 @ 21:02:15

    I have been missing your post also! Glad you have been able to look over your mothers house while she is enjoying her hiking! I two feel soo bad about those who have had to deal with this crash in any way!


  4. mary
    Aug 03, 2007 @ 21:10:35

    I’ve missed you, Pam, and you know it. You are alive and well!

    Let’s think about all the bridges we cross. Some of them literally :o) The State of NC has examined the bridges across the state and the worst one is south of me by 30 minutes. I don’t ever need to cross it. It makes me sick about what has happened in Minneapolis!

    Sounds like your Mom is a tough lady – ready to enjoy life. Her garden is bursting with nice color and resembles her own vibrance. Good deal!

    Keep entertaining us with your excursions. I love it! And I’m glad to hear you said “freakin'” That’s my PAM!

    Hugs to you,


  5. erie's argonaut
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 00:25:59

    I’m glad your mother can get out and enjoy nature. Yosemite is the best. I used to go there often when I lived nearby. Looking out from Inspiration Point can change how you look at life.

    Here in PA we have some of the worst bridges on the “list.” I was worried about them before this tragedy in Minneapolis happened. But we have to cross them or stay home.

    Rochester sounds like a great place for entertainment and the arts. I’ve only driven past it on our way to somewhere (maybe it was Lake Placid) but never have seen it up close.

    Your photos of your flowers are beautiful. The fuschia is so perfect it looks fake. The colors!


  6. Susan Gets Native
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 00:52:20

    Your Mom’s hiking Yosemite? Go, Pam’s MOM!
    Freakin’ A!


  7. Mary Carlson
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 02:46:15

    Hi Pam – glad you’re posting again. I love those photos of the snapdragon and trumpet vine blossom – they are beautiful. And your mom hiking in Yosemite – right on, Mom! Beautiful country. Your fuschia photo has such a vivid blue within the blossom – gorgeous. Freddy-Sue – kinda has a catch to it – it will certainly be easier than having to say the entire name, and even better than saying Douglass-Anthony bridge. 🙂


  8. Pam
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 07:25:04

    Dear Lynne – I’ve missed being able to talk to you, too! My Mom’s Yosemite trip was life changing (her words). I’m really happy for her. Oh yeah, now that I look at it, the fuschia does look like it’s wax!
    Ohhhh, you must go to Yosemite! I recommend getting books out of the library on it before you go so you can appreciate it more!
    I love outdoor concerts, too!! They’re the best!
    The man in the orange moon! It was spooky!
    Lipsticked lips – that’s good!
    I’m happy to be back! Don’t know if it will be every day, but I’ll try!
    Hi Laurie! Thank you. Oh, so you saw an orange moon, too. I wonder why it was orange in Canandaigua but normal color at my house.
    Mon@rch – I should have added I took care of the kitty, too! She’s a big part of taking care of everything! Needy kitty needs lots of lovin’, on her terms, of course!
    Mary – Yup, I’m alive and well! Yeah, the bridges we cross are not good, I found that out years ago.
    My Mom is a survivor, although she’s a softy, she’s also got lots of spunk.
    Linda – Oh, I think Yosemite is the best, too!! I wish I could have gone with them! You’re so right, my Mom said it changed her life.
    Yes, Rochester does have tons of things to do. I just ordered RPO subscriptions. There’s so much to do here, I’m looking at all of the brochures and deciding what else it is exactly I want to do!
    Susan – she did! And she/they took some awesome photos! Now she’s saying she wants a better camera!
    Mary C – Thank you! I can’t believe Yosemite was carved by glaciers, it’s amazing country! Yeah, we were speculating what they would nickname the bridge, and Freddy-Sue seems to be the best!


  9. Sandy
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 07:23:16

    Glad to see you back, and with great photos! I saw that orange moon, but didn’t get a shot of it.
    Good to hear that your mom had a nice trip. So, you tended two gardens while she was gone, and worked full time? I can see why you weren’t posting.


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