Company Picnic

So yesterday we had our company picnic. Yuck, right? Well, it was actually nice. The food was from Lorraine’s Lunch Basket, one of my favorite places to eat. The CEO gave out cash prizes, that was cool. And he also gave us shirts. When they came around a couple of weeks ago and asked for my size, I asked if they were ordering men’s shirts for the women, because that would make a difference in what I order. Now, at that other big corporation I worked at in my past, I rec’d about 50 shirts over the course of my career there, and they were ALL mens shirts. Nobody ever cared about the women swimming in the men’s shirts with the tails hanging down to our knees. I gave them all away because they all were all huge.

But. This. Time. They. Had. Ladies’. Shirts. How awesome is that? Not only this, they’re pima cotton. I’ll be wearing this shirt to work. Sorry it’s wrinkled, I had already thrown it in the laundry basket when I decided to share it with you.


And one of the VP-GM’s I talked to last week said I could work from home. . . I need to talk to my manager about that, at least maybe working from home a few days a week. . . hmm. That doesn’t mean more blogging time, however! Just saving money on gas, for sure!