Where Does Time Go?

Okay, I want to know, where did this week go? Between work, working out (okay, I only went to the gym once so far, but I have a good reason for that) and being involved in a very good book right now that I can’t put down at night to go to sleep, this week has totally zoomed right by! And I’m sorry I haven’t posted.

I’ve been missing my Dad really bad this week. Why does it come in spurts like this? I don’t know. Maybe because I went to the OHA Museum last Saturday with Sarah (who will be on her way to Manchester, England for a year to get her Masters Degree in History, so I wanted to say goodbye to her) and going to the museum was something my Dad and I did together several times (and remember my Gambrinus Brew Fest post?). And the memories came flooding back. And it was tough. Little does Sarah know, she got me through it, with her quiet strength, just by being herself. She is one awesome friend. And I should probably tell her, you think?

My Dad and I loved this old locomotive bell which was attached to a Niagara Series 6000 locomotive when the trains ran through the middle of downtown Syracuse. We were always too shy about making it ring. But you know what, I made it ring for my Dad, kind of quiet, not as loud as it could get.

2007-08-18 OHA DSC01544 crop

Note to my Flickr friends, even though I took these photos, I’m not making them for friends to enlarge because I’m the OHA webmaster and I did take these photos with the intention of using them on their website. Sorry!

And we always discussed Guntner’s chain, used as a surveying device in the old days when surveying property. You may have seen old deeds that say the north side measures “x number of chains,” well, these are some of those chains.

2007-08-18 OHA DSC01529

And the Erie Canal canalboat:

2007-08-18 OHA DSC01526 crop

And the velocipede and how uncomfortable it must have been to ride on it. Sarah and I investigated it and there was horsehair under the seat. And steel wheels. Ouch for sure!

2007-08-18 OHA DSC01524

These human hair wreaths always intrigued us:

2007-08-18 OHA DSC01506 crop

And as we made our way into the industries of Syracuse, we saw several brands of typewriters since Syracuse was known as the typewriter city, and I just had to take this one because of its’ name! Even though Mon@rch says they spelled Monarch wrong!

2007-08-18 OHA DSC01585 crop

I forgot about the Marsellus Casket exhibition. I had to totally skip by it. Even though there is a cool wood id test, nope, couldn’t look at caskets, had enough of caskets for quite a while. I took many more photos as there are many more interesting things in this museum, but these are a few of the highlights.

Then we went into the Crouse Hospital temporary exhibition, which was fantastic! To see more about this exhibition, please click here where there are a few of the many photos I took at the bottom of the page.

2007-08-18 OHA-Crouse-ent

Sarah and I had some time to wait between the closing of the museum and our time to meet Mike, so we walked the streets of Syracuse. Where I took tons of photos which I’ll save for another post.

The restaurant we went to meet Mike and to eat is one of my all time favorites. I’ve been going to this restaurant since, well, for a long time, first with my Aunt Ruth (the one that passed away 11 years ago this month).  We used to go there every Thursday night when I was young. It is the Plainville Farms Restaurant & Bakery on Route 11 in Cicero.

2007-08-18 DSC01773 crop

The turkeys are raised free range and natural and it is the tenderest, tastiest turkey you could about ever find (at least that’s what I remember). I now go there for all of the fresh veggies – real mashed potatoes, hubbard squash, corn, green and yellow beans, and etc., and cranberry sauce, and salads, and soups and desserts, all on the buffets.

And here’s Tom the Turkey on the back of the horse:

2007-08-18 DSC01774

Who happily greets the many guests that go to this restaurant every day! I started out sad about my Dad, and ended up having a great day with wonderful friends!