Middle Name Meme

Mary tagged me for the Middle Name Meme, and I haven’t really been able to resist a meme that I get tagged for, or not. So the thing is to describe myself with one word for each letter of my middle name. I have two middle names, one given to me by my Mum, and one by my Dad. I’ll use the one given to me by my Mum for today.

Before I begin, let me say that my Mom worked hard at picking my first name out of a girls names baby book. She knew I was going to be a girl (women’s intuition, I guess since it was before sonograms) so she had no boy’s name picked out. My middle name is her middle name, so it is short, but sweet and I *like* it because it is from my Mum! And my Dad always called me Pamela Ann which I miss hearing from him very much, don’t get me started. Hokay! On to the meme.

A – Analytical

N – Naturelover

N – Natural, as in trying not to use any chemicals on me, in me or in my environment, including my home and yard.

Short, but sweet, huh? And I’m sure no surprises for most of you.

If you haven’t done this already but would like to, I’d love to learn more about you!


I’m grumpy today. I have freakin’ f’ing poison ivy on my legs and my whole sheet of skin is one big freakin’ itch that I just want to scratch right off. Even my eyelids. Which I did indulge myself in a good scratch of this morning until I realized that I have said poison ivy. I have been so careful. Anything with leaves of three, even blackberry bushes, and hairy vines, I have been avoiding like the plague. I am one big beoch right now over this whole thing.

On top of this some people at work on the other shifts are stupid. To make myself feel better about that I pushed and pulled around carts of very heavy old Cornell books this afternoon (to organize them because other shifts get easily confused), while the management sat and watched. WTF. Don’t you have anything to do but watch me work? Get to work people.

Don’t mind me, like I said, I am one miserable, itchy beoch right now. And I need two days off (you know, a weekend). And they asked me to work on Saturday. And I want to go hiking on Saturday. But since I have poison ivy it will be hard to go hiking. Grrrrr. GROWL!

So you don’t think I’m totally miserable, I’ll leave you with this really pretty feather that maybe one of you can id. Birdie feathers are just sooo cool!  I love the touch of color at the end of this feather.

2007-09-23 DSC02470 crop


Last night / early this morning were weird. There was a full moon that I spotted through my trees, and I could *not* get a decent photo of it no matter how I tried. This is the best of the sad lot. I don’t know why I was so shaky last night, and I was too lazy to get the tripod out! The full moon made me *not* want to go to bed.

DSC02495 crop

The moon kept disappearing behind the clouds, so I looked around for something to photograph, and have seen this spider around my house for the past week. She was making a shadow, so I thought it would be cool to capture her and her shadow. She is just a little spider, all of 1/2″ long, and I thought pretty harmless. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek when I downloaded the photo!!! She’s hairy and scary! Note, these were taken in the dark of the night.

DSC02500 crop

And what’s that sticky area on her underside? Maybe where her web stuff comes out?

DSC02502 crop

I’m really not scared of the little spiders around here!

The other freaky things were it was 80 degrees still at 9:00PM (someone needs to tell the weather it is fall now), and at 2:30AM I was woken up out of a sound sleep by a wicked thunder/lightening storm. Thunder and lightening happen almost at the same time around here quite often and it is scary to me when it happens in the middle of the night. So between the full moon, the hot/humid weather and the thunderstorm, it was quite a night!

P.S.  My finger is all better, thanks for asking!  And I’ll do the middle name meme soon!  And I’ll continue the Allegany State Park posts, too!

Ladybug Beetle

Sunday while I was cutting down more of my Mom’s hostas, I spotted, among other things I may talk about later, a ladybug. These are the ladybugs I remember seeing around when I was a kid, instead of the funky ones from overseas that are all over the place now. I’d say this is a Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle (Cocinella septapunctata). Do you agree?

2007-09-23 DSC02462 crop

It crawled onto a dead leaf, so I picked it up to get closer to it. I love all of the fibers on the dead leaf!

2007-09-23 DSC02466 crop

This type of ladybug is always welcome in the yard to eat any aphids that may be around!

Allegany State Park – France Brook area

Mon@rch and I started out at the France Brook area of Allegany State Park. I commented that it was nice not to see purple loosestrife overtaking the cattails, and Mon@rch said something like ‘yes, but we have tearthumb.’ Of course, I needed to see tearthumb (Polygonum sagittatum– I’m not sure if I have the correct species) up close! It wasn’t easy to photograph because the stem isn’t very big, but here’s one of the photos:

2007-09-15 DSC02193 crop

The stems are four-sided and are armed with backward pointed prickles, which is where the common name tearthumb comes from. Of course, since it is living with cattails, it likes wet places. It is part of the buckwheat family and part of the knotweed genus.

We saw lots of other stuff that I didn’t photograph because I was still in a driving and injured finger stupor.  Plus after a few minutes of being there, it started pouring.  But before that, we saw this bee hanging out on a milkweed leaf – sorry for the fuzzy photo. Somebody had warmed it up a bit with his finger and it started to move and it made me kind of uncomfortable to be so close!

2007-09-15 DSC02195

I got to see first-hand the devastation of the Viburnum Leaf Beetle on this Arrowwood Viburnum (Viburnum dentatum)

2007-09-15 DSC02194

I can see one of the many reasons Mon@rch loves this area so much – it is loaded with milkweed plants:

2007-09-15 DSC02196

Again with the fuzzy photo. I so didn’t have my photography mojo on yet! But it does come later. Stay tuned, my photos do get better and I have more to share on my visit to Allegany State Park!

I Signed Up To Start Work at 7AM, But. . .

I was late. Every morning I’ve been racing down the highway watching gorgeous orange sunrises, and THIS morning I didn’t care if I was late to work because it’s freakin’ Saturday anyway, and I decided not only was I going to watch the sunrise, but I was going to capture it. Unfortunately, I’m so programmed for speed that I didn’t catch the best photo of all, but I still love the photos I did capture, and I hope you do, too!

This is all I can see of the sunrise from my home because of the trees:


The best photo would have been a real vivid orange one before this next one. Hopefully it will occur again tomorrow morning so I can capture it. Here I’m driving slowly to work for a change (excuse the bug spots on the window and the road signs):


And here’s after the sunrise as I’m still travelling down the highway, damned rain shield on my side window anyway:


15 minutes isn’t too much to ask to watch the sunrise, now is it?

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I’m not into doing wordless, but until finger healing is complete, it actually sounds like a great idea! Hopefully I’ll do the Allegany State Park post this weekend!

For now, here’s a couple of Sedum Autumn Joy photos from my Mom’s garden. I *love* these plants!  They’re so hardy and cheery this time of year.

2007-09-16 DSC02399

2007-09-16 DSC02363

While Working In My Kitchen. . .

. . . a few minutes ago, this is the view that caught my eyeballs and I had to capture it!

2007-09-18 008

2007-09-18 005

I don’t get to see the moon very often due to all of the trees, so when I do, I have the urge to capture it!

I Interrupt This Program. . .

I know I owe you a continuation of the Allegany State Park post, and I will do it, I promise! My finger got banged a few times while working today, so I can’t get carried away with posting today.

But I just have to show you this one thing! Yesterday while I was helping my Mom put her gardens to bed (cutting down hostas) a daddy long legs came towards me. I’m thinking, no biggie, but you’re there so let me take a macro of you. Oh my!! This guy (or gal) is way tooooo cool, I never knew! Check this out:

2007-09-16 DSC02381 crop

He/she looks like an Eastern Daddy Long Legs (Leiobunum spp.). If you’re sitting there going, yup, no big deal, what’s she raving over, well, I’ve never really looked closely at a Daddy Long Legs before, have you?

Audubon says they’re not a spider. Check out the details of this guy/gal in your favorite insect guide if you want to know more of his cool features (I would type it all here for you, but the finger deal, you know).

And here’s the same photo not so close.

2007-09-16 DSC02381

Here it looks like he’s using his second pair of legs as antennas because I was so close.

Travelling to Allegany State Park

Yesterday I visited Mon@rch at Allegany State Park again! You can click here to see my post from my last visit. Due to construction and pouring rain it felt like it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get there, but it was great to see the beautiful hills along Route 86 (Route 17). The love of hills is in my blood, and seeing these hills gets me really excited.

2007-09-15 DSC02156

The rain and clouds, not so much. Even though we really need the rain!

Finally! This is a most welcome sign!

2007-09-15 DSC02183 crop

And I’m finally in the park – I love this bridge that I’m about to cross:

2007-09-15 DSC02188

While putting on my hiking boots I broke my middle fingernail back beyond where it is attached so it is really hard for me to type today. I won’t mention the blood because it makes somebody sick, but I will mention I love carrying my herbs for just such situations as this! So, stay tuned for more about Allegany State Park – hopefully tomorrow my finger will be feeling better and I’ll post more then about our fun time!

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