More Fossils

While peeling rocks back yesterday to uncover fossils, I came up with a handful of loose fossils that I’d like to share with you!

2007-09-02 DSC02083

Here’s the top side of the next one:
2007-09-02 DSC02061

And underneath:
2007-09-02 DSC02063

I would love to know what these things with wings are. There sure are enough of them!

2007-09-02 DSC02056
2007-09-02 DSC02050

There were two fossils that were together but they fell apart when I peeled them back. Here’s the top one:
2007-09-02 DSC02058

And the one underneath:
2007-09-02 DSC02059
2007-09-02 DSC02067

2007-09-02 DSC02080

These are like some of the fossils I found all of the time when I was a kid. I think they’re so cool. Unfortunately, my coolest digging spot is covered over with poison ivy now!

I don’t find very many fossils where I live now. How about you, are there fossils where you live, and if so, what kind of fossils do you find?