Chock Today Up As A Weird Day

So it’s abnormally hot (in the 90’s) and humid and the air is full of nasty smelling pollution and sneeze-inducing pollen here today. We’ve had only 3.5 inches of rain ALL summer. Want proof? Here you go. I haven’t emptied my rain gauge all summer.

DSC02105 crop

I got a phone call from my Mother at 8:10 this morning (automatically my heart starts racing as in “what is wrong that my Mother is calling me at work?”). The power was out all over west of the city, and she didn’t want me to worry if the security company called (I’m the back-up person to be called). Phew. Glad it was just that.

So we’re working away at work, getting a lot done, and the CEO comes into the building. No biggy, we just keep working. All of a sudden the electricity goes out. You know that dreaded, icky, noise when computers, servers and scanners hard down. The clicking noise, I hate the clicking noise when you hard down any electronics. You don’t want to hear it. You hope the electronics can handle the hard down.

And you work on powering everything back up, hope you didn’t lose your work, and bam! It happens again. So you repeat! And bam! It happens again. We’re 20 minutes away from end of shift, and we all said screw-it! Even with the CEO there. That can’t be good for the equipment. Fortunately the time clock was working so I got out of there on time. But the CEO wanted to talk to my manager. I hope that isn’t a bad thing. Last time I saw that happen the manager was fired.

As I’m driving home, I’m getting really weird vibes about doing anything else but going home, even though I wanted to go to the gym and return some library stuff that is due today. So I went home, went to get my mail and it hasn’t come yet – which is abnormal because it usually comes at 1:00. Something is totally off with everything today.

So here I am home, windows closed, fan on (I don’t do AC), working on my computer and hoping my electricity doesn’t go out. And my weird vibes have gone away. So it’s better to just be home tonight, reading a good book (hopefully, if the electricity stays on)!

Is it weird where you are today?

P.S. If you don’t understand about the vibes thing, don’t worry about it. I know some people have them, and some don’t!