The Sweetest Little Feather & Turkey Feathers

I went out to take photos of my home’s roof for my brother since he said he’ll put a new roof on for me (yay!!) and get measurements, and I saw this sweetest little feather in the lawn. It was the black spot that really caught my eye:

DSC02113 crop

I don’t know who this belongs to, but maybe one of my birder friends will know!

Last Sunday we went to see my Dad’s tombstone – arrrrrrrghhhhhhh! I mean the tombstone is very nice, but my Dad’s name on it is just unbelievable. At another cemetery we visited we saw a bunch of turkeys and found these turkey feathers that my Mom is holding. Hey, you have to turn to nature when other things SUCK to the max, right!

2007-09-02 DSC01990

I *love* birdie feathers, don’t you!!