The Sweetest Little Feather & Turkey Feathers

I went out to take photos of my home’s roof for my brother since he said he’ll put a new roof on for me (yay!!) and get measurements, and I saw this sweetest little feather in the lawn. It was the black spot that really caught my eye:

DSC02113 crop

I don’t know who this belongs to, but maybe one of my birder friends will know!

Last Sunday we went to see my Dad’s tombstone – arrrrrrrghhhhhhh! I mean the tombstone is very nice, but my Dad’s name on it is just unbelievable. At another cemetery we visited we saw a bunch of turkeys and found these turkey feathers that my Mom is holding. Hey, you have to turn to nature when other things SUCK to the max, right!

2007-09-02 DSC01990

I *love* birdie feathers, don’t you!!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mon@rch
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 19:37:52

    looks like it could be a mourning dove’s feather! Great shots and is wonderful you go visit your father with your mum!


  2. Pam
    Sep 08, 2007 @ 21:03:03

    Mon@rch – Thanks for the id! I have a mourning dove couple that hangs around my yard! As I’m sure you know, it’s really tough visiting my Dad! It’s really tough on my Mum, too. And not only that, some bird dropped a big juicy peep all over the back of the stone. I cleaned it off of there quick! Don’t peep on my Dad’s monument, grrrrrr!


  3. jayne
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 07:51:16

    I was thinking Dove as well. I can’t even imagine how that feels Pam… to see his name… real… on a stone. ((((((Pam)))))).


  4. mary
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 08:46:11

    It was odd and sad to see my Mother’s grave stone but it was more strange to see my Dad’s name next to hers…. 1925-blank.

    I like feathers, too, as a matter of fact, I’m planning a post about feathers today!


  5. Sandy
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 11:01:54

    I was going to say dove, too! Well if you and Mary are going to post feathers, I have one I will go post. I think it is a turkey feather, but didn’t know they have gold on them. Maybe someone can tell me what it is.


  6. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 18:47:35

    I’m sad to say I haven’t been able to visit my Dad’s grave yet. My brother ordered a stone for him (and eventually for Mom) and I’ve told myself that when the stone is there, I’ll go.


  7. Pam
    Sep 09, 2007 @ 19:45:06

    Jayne – It is the most unbelievable thing going to see your parents’ names on the headstone.

    Mary – Yeah, my parents picked out a double headstone and my Mom had it made up and I soooo don’t like seeing her name on there. She said “all you have to have done is have the date filled in when I go.” I told her she was soooo not allowed to go anytime soon!

    Sandy – I loved your feather post! I’ll have to stop by again to see if someone helped you with the id.

    Lynne – Oh, I’m sad for you that you haven’t visited your Dad’s grave yet. It’s not easy at all, going there.


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