Turkeys, A Nest, Sugar Maples

Here’s the turkeys we saw at the South Onondaga Cemetery last week, where we found the turkey feathers. There is a corn field right on the other side of the trees, so that’s where they ended up going.

2007-09-02 DSC01983 crop

We also saw this nest just laying on the ground. Mom was admiring the soft fluffy stuff inside of it:

2007-09-02 DSC01989

I’ve blogged about these Sugar Maples here before because I love them, and several generations of my family have seen and enjoyed these maples:

2007-09-02 DSC01988

And they’re starting to turn colors. I love the colors of sugar maples in the fall!

2007-09-02 DSC01985

Hmmm, I’m going to have to plan another trip to Onondaga county soon, because it is loaded with sugar maples there, and they have the *best* apple cider, mmmmmmm. LaFayette, my home town, has an apple festival every year. I’ll have to be sure *not* to go when that is going on, because it is way too crowded there at that time for me!