There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch!

Today Eric McClure was supposed to be in our parking lot at work for a private viewing of his Hefty Chevrolet Nascar! I was going to ask him to pop the hood and everything! He didn’t show up and I was soooo bummed. His car and his outfit are *orange*! How cool is that?



My Dad was a big Nascar fan, and basically a fan of any fast car. He used to take us to the drag races when I was a kid (which I never really understood the thrill of). While I don’t sit there and watch people driving around a track 500 times, I do appreciate the power of the cars. Brum brum brum! If gas wasn’t so expensive my next vehicle would have excellent power.

Some good did come out of today, though! We had some exciting news at work today (which I can’t share yet) and they bought us lunch – hey, a free lunch is the best kind of lunch, right? I’ll take it! Mmmm, subs from DiBello’s, yummmmmy! Now I have to go have a salad for dinner. And my next post will hopefully be back to nature!