I Interrupt This Program. . .

I know I owe you a continuation of the Allegany State Park post, and I will do it, I promise! My finger got banged a few times while working today, so I can’t get carried away with posting today.

But I just have to show you this one thing! Yesterday while I was helping my Mom put her gardens to bed (cutting down hostas) a daddy long legs came towards me. I’m thinking, no biggie, but you’re there so let me take a macro of you. Oh my!! This guy (or gal) is way tooooo cool, I never knew! Check this out:

2007-09-16 DSC02381 crop

He/she looks like an Eastern Daddy Long Legs (Leiobunum spp.). If you’re sitting there going, yup, no big deal, what’s she raving over, well, I’ve never really looked closely at a Daddy Long Legs before, have you?

Audubon says they’re not a spider. Check out the details of this guy/gal in your favorite insect guide if you want to know more of his cool features (I would type it all here for you, but the finger deal, you know).

And here’s the same photo not so close.

2007-09-16 DSC02381

Here it looks like he’s using his second pair of legs as antennas because I was so close.