I Signed Up To Start Work at 7AM, But. . .

I was late. Every morning I’ve been racing down the highway watching gorgeous orange sunrises, and THIS morning I didn’t care if I was late to work because it’s freakin’ Saturday anyway, and I decided not only was I going to watch the sunrise, but I was going to capture it. Unfortunately, I’m so programmed for speed that I didn’t catch the best photo of all, but I still love the photos I did capture, and I hope you do, too!

This is all I can see of the sunrise from my home because of the trees:


The best photo would have been a real vivid orange one before this next one. Hopefully it will occur again tomorrow morning so I can capture it. Here I’m driving slowly to work for a change (excuse the bug spots on the window and the road signs):


And here’s after the sunrise as I’m still travelling down the highway, damned rain shield on my side window anyway:


15 minutes isn’t too much to ask to watch the sunrise, now is it?