Allegany State Park – France Brook area

Mon@rch and I started out at the France Brook area of Allegany State Park. I commented that it was nice not to see purple loosestrife overtaking the cattails, and Mon@rch said something like ‘yes, but we have tearthumb.’ Of course, I needed to see tearthumb (Polygonum sagittatum– I’m not sure if I have the correct species) up close! It wasn’t easy to photograph because the stem isn’t very big, but here’s one of the photos:

2007-09-15 DSC02193 crop

The stems are four-sided and are armed with backward pointed prickles, which is where the common name tearthumb comes from. Of course, since it is living with cattails, it likes wet places. It is part of the buckwheat family and part of the knotweed genus.

We saw lots of other stuff that I didn’t photograph because I was still in a driving and injured finger stupor.  Plus after a few minutes of being there, it started pouring.  But before that, we saw this bee hanging out on a milkweed leaf – sorry for the fuzzy photo. Somebody had warmed it up a bit with his finger and it started to move and it made me kind of uncomfortable to be so close!

2007-09-15 DSC02195

I got to see first-hand the devastation of the Viburnum Leaf Beetle on this Arrowwood Viburnum (Viburnum dentatum)

2007-09-15 DSC02194

I can see one of the many reasons Mon@rch loves this area so much – it is loaded with milkweed plants:

2007-09-15 DSC02196

Again with the fuzzy photo. I so didn’t have my photography mojo on yet! But it does come later. Stay tuned, my photos do get better and I have more to share on my visit to Allegany State Park!