Ladybug Beetle

Sunday while I was cutting down more of my Mom’s hostas, I spotted, among other things I may talk about later, a ladybug. These are the ladybugs I remember seeing around when I was a kid, instead of the funky ones from overseas that are all over the place now. I’d say this is a Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle (Cocinella septapunctata). Do you agree?

2007-09-23 DSC02462 crop

It crawled onto a dead leaf, so I picked it up to get closer to it. I love all of the fibers on the dead leaf!

2007-09-23 DSC02466 crop

This type of ladybug is always welcome in the yard to eat any aphids that may be around!

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  1. mary
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 21:41:41

    The BEST PHOTOS OF LADYBUGS I’VE SEEN! Pam, how low did you go to get that last shot? I’m in awe…

    I am so glad you are finding time to notice beautiful little creatures. What is going on with that FINGER?



  2. Barbara
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 22:26:57

    What a great close up. I love these shots.


  3. mon@rch
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 23:28:16

    WOW, these are such stunning ladybug shots! BRAVO and I two love those fibers!


  4. Susan Gets Native
    Sep 25, 2007 @ 23:31:50

    Huh? I only saw 5 spots.
    Wait! Now it only has 3? What the Hell…?


  5. jason
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 10:34:51

    Fantastic pictures, Pam! You’ve outdone yourself with these. I can practically feel the texture of the dead leaf.

    I think you’re right on with the identification, although I think the species is actually Coccinella septempunctata. (I had to copy and paste that as I kept mangling the spelling!)


  6. Linda
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 10:44:10

    I’m so used to see a more streamlined lady bug that this one pictured almost looks fake. I never knew there were different kinds. I learn something new every time I read nature blogs. It’s great!


  7. Sandy
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 17:09:46

    What great photos, Pam. Your macros are always wonderful.


  8. Pam
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 19:16:26

    Mary – Thank you, you’re so kind! The last shot I got by putting the leaf on my leg and bending over real close to her. My finger is all better! Hugs!

    Barbara – Thank you!

    Mon@rch – Thank you – me too!

    Susan – LOL! I was counting spots in the various photos and finally decided she had seven!

    Jason – Thank you! I didn’t realize dead leaves were so cool. Thanks for the latin name correction! I’ll fix it. I definitely mangled that one!

    Linda – Is this one a little fatty?

    Sandy – Thank you!


  9. jayne
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 06:45:35

    Beautiful Pam! I love Ladybugs. I once… seriously… spent probably an hour rescuing hundreds of them which had somehow found their way inside my screened porch. Just kept scooping handfuls up and releasing them outside. My hubby thought I was nuts! LOLOLOL!


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