Last night / early this morning were weird. There was a full moon that I spotted through my trees, and I could *not* get a decent photo of it no matter how I tried. This is the best of the sad lot. I don’t know why I was so shaky last night, and I was too lazy to get the tripod out! The full moon made me *not* want to go to bed.

DSC02495 crop

The moon kept disappearing behind the clouds, so I looked around for something to photograph, and have seen this spider around my house for the past week. She was making a shadow, so I thought it would be cool to capture her and her shadow. She is just a little spider, all of 1/2″ long, and I thought pretty harmless. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek when I downloaded the photo!!! She’s hairy and scary! Note, these were taken in the dark of the night.

DSC02500 crop

And what’s that sticky area on her underside? Maybe where her web stuff comes out?

DSC02502 crop

I’m really not scared of the little spiders around here!

The other freaky things were it was 80 degrees still at 9:00PM (someone needs to tell the weather it is fall now), and at 2:30AM I was woken up out of a sound sleep by a wicked thunder/lightening storm. Thunder and lightening happen almost at the same time around here quite often and it is scary to me when it happens in the middle of the night. So between the full moon, the hot/humid weather and the thunderstorm, it was quite a night!

P.S.  My finger is all better, thanks for asking!  And I’ll do the middle name meme soon!  And I’ll continue the Allegany State Park posts, too!


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 19:46:22

    You should have saved this post for Halloween. You make a house spider look very interesting. It was very hot here in Ontario yesterday as well, a record 31C (88F). But we got only a sprinkle of rain today.


  2. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 19:58:29

    Creepy spider! A horror story writer could come up with something for that sticky stuff.

    I don’t think we made it out of the 50’s here today. A beautiful fall day- heading your way I hope!


  3. mon@rch
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 21:44:21

    Look at that spider! Wow, that is such an interesting moon shot! Great work!


  4. Barbara
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 22:14:42

    How did you get it to turn over?


  5. mary
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 22:38:02


    Looks like a little orb weaver – the sticky type I walked through on Saturday. I still have the shivers about it.

    The moon looks haunting, Pam. I would have been ready to run and jump under the covers!


  6. toni
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 22:44:03

    that is a great shot of the moon! really it is.
    and those spiders. wow.


  7. jayne
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 06:47:23

    Eerie evening you had Pam. Sounds almost Halloweeny! I think the photo of the moon that you got is so cool. The spider… not so much… shiver.


  8. Pam
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 19:45:42

    Ruth – I didn’t even think of this being scary like Halloween, but it is!

    Lynne – such a simple spider made creepy with the macro! It got somewhat cooler here today, maybe it will cool down tomorrow.

    Mon@rch – Thanks!

    Barbara – I just kept watching it while it was eating and it turned over and I snapped it.

    Mary – Eeeek! You scared me with your Boo!! Argh – sticky spider – icky sticky spider! Shivering for you! If it wasn’t so hot I would have jumped under the covers! As it was I slept without them.

    Toni – thank you so much!

    Jayne – it sure was spooky! Thank you. Yeah, the spider kind of surprised me when I downloaded it!


  9. jason
    Sep 27, 2007 @ 20:21:06

    GREAT spider photos, Pam! She’s spectacular, and you’ve captured her beauty with expertise. Wow! That’s all I can muster.

    And I’m thrilled your finger is doing better. I hope work has also calmed down a bit so you can enjoy a bit more life and little less labor.


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