I’m grumpy today. I have freakin’ f’ing poison ivy on my legs and my whole sheet of skin is one big freakin’ itch that I just want to scratch right off. Even my eyelids. Which I did indulge myself in a good scratch of this morning until I realized that I have said poison ivy. I have been so careful. Anything with leaves of three, even blackberry bushes, and hairy vines, I have been avoiding like the plague. I am one big beoch right now over this whole thing.

On top of this some people at work on the other shifts are stupid. To make myself feel better about that I pushed and pulled around carts of very heavy old Cornell books this afternoon (to organize them because other shifts get easily confused), while the management sat and watched. WTF. Don’t you have anything to do but watch me work? Get to work people.

Don’t mind me, like I said, I am one miserable, itchy beoch right now. And I need two days off (you know, a weekend). And they asked me to work on Saturday. And I want to go hiking on Saturday. But since I have poison ivy it will be hard to go hiking. Grrrrr. GROWL!

So you don’t think I’m totally miserable, I’ll leave you with this really pretty feather that maybe one of you can id. Birdie feathers are just sooo cool!  I love the touch of color at the end of this feather.

2007-09-23 DSC02470 crop