Piano Recital

Excuse my lack of posts, work and poison ivy are kicking my butt. The work thing I think I have a handle on though. We’re caught up to the middle of next week, and if we stay caught up, we won’t have to work any more OT for a while. That’s my plan, anyway!

Yesterday, Mom and I went to a piano recital for a teacher she would like to have teach her through the Eastman School of Music. It was great being in the audience for one of these things, for I have been one of those nervous students who for years had to play in front of groups of people I didn’t know. All I can say is, oh my, these students are getting some great education, and there are some really gifted students, too. First up were three sisters, all of 8, 7 and 6, who played the piano, violin and cello, respectively. Here you can see the piano and what I called the world’s smallest cello. Oh, I wish you could have seen these little girls perform. This photo is off-center because I didn’t want people in my photo.


More than half of the students played from memory, which is awesome. And I also noted that the songs they played are like the ones I begged my piano teacher to let me play when I was taking lessons. Boogie woogie, ragtime and jazz tunes. I am so happy for these students, because I had to find and play these types of things on my own. My piano lessons were all about scales and classical music, which is okay to a point, but what kept me interested in that when I wanted to play other things, too? That was one of the reasons why I stopped them and took up downhill skiing.

Here’s a cool window in the building we were in for the recital yesterday. I got bored waiting for it to begin, so I started taking photos of *everything* in sight!