Getting a Sun Tan in October?

My friend Mary at work and I decided we would start walking after work when it started getting cooler out. Well, we couldn’t wait and we started this week. And. The. Sun. Has. Been. *Very.* Hot.

I don’t remember the last time the sun felt so hot in October in New York state. Usually my sun tan is waning this time of year, which it was doing in September, but now it’s come back. Just with hiking for an hour every day. Anyway, we’re having a bit of a problem with the hiking trails around work. We tried to go down this trail underneath this bridge, but some men screamed at us that the trail was closed.

2007-10-04 DSC02511

Hmmm, we didn’t see any signs. We turned around and walked west along an open, boring trail.

2007-10-04 DSC02512

I don’t want to do that trail again. I want to see stuff while I’m walking!

Next we went to a place to find the middle of the trail we want to go on, but ended up on the Auburn trail instead.

2007-10-05 DSC02516

Which was a little less boring, but I don’t want to do it again.

2007-10-05 DSC02517

I want woods! And after we hiked the Auburn trail, we investigated our next hiking spot, and it is uphill into the woods. WooHoo!! That will be for Monday! And hopefully it will be a bit cooler out.

BTW: Mary and I worked at Xerox together and I didn’t realize it was her until she brought in the Xerox yearbook from some year I won’t mention but I had big hair.  What *was* I thinking?

On another note, while walking out on my deck the past few days to go to work, I’ve seen the moon overhead, and today since I was early I decided to capture it. I soooo do not like going to work in the dark!!

2007-10-05 DSC02515 crop