Gorgeous Sunrise at Work!

Yesterday I was required to go into work. Required? Since I was required to go in on my day off I made a deal. I told them I won’t be working next Saturday. What a deal, huh? I just want to be able to sleep in for two days in a row since I’ve been working six days a week the last three weeks. Which I know is nothing for some people, but it’s hell on getting anything done at home and hell on the hiking time. I won’t mention it was a beautiful day to be hiking yesterday while I was stuck inside.

Okay, rant over. As I was working, I looked over and saw the most g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s sunrise. Always carrying my little p&s around, I went outside and shot photos. Other people joined me with their cameras. I couldn’t capture the whole scene because I didn’t want light poles in my photos, but you’ll get the drift!




Here’s the bridge Mary and I wanted to walk under the other day:


And we could see the moon:


One of the things I like working where I do is it is out in the country!! I know that won’t last forever, though, with the way everyone is building all over the place.