Apple Cider, mmmmm!!

It’s been six months since my Dad passed away, and it was a tough day all around because people at work are very tired, including myself, so it just magnified that I miss my Daddy!! But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Saturday after work I went grocery shopping (oh joy, just what I felt like doing after working all day), and the produce lady had cups of local organic apple cider for people to try. Mmmmm, it was yummy! Okay, the reason why I brought my Dad up in the first paragraph is apple cider is (shoot, that should be was) our thing to have in the fall together. With a yummy donut here and there for something to have to wash down!

Dad Making Apple Cider

My Dad making apple cider with my brother and me waiting for a taste!


Another view of the same apple cider making day.
The apples used were ones that grew on our property, and they were really yummy!
Scanned from slides in really bad shape.

My Dad’s rule of thumb to me was don’t make or buy apple cider until after the first frost because that’s when the apples get really good. Which is true in normal years. But with the lack of rain this year, the apples are small and not very juicy and already very sweet, so the apple cider is tasting pretty good pre-frost. I miss sharing this different apple cider year with my Dad. But I can’t wait to taste the cider post-frost!

How about you, is apple cider a favorite of yours? And if so, what do you like to have with it, if anything?