Dishwashers, Dishwashing, ugh!

So my dishwasher blew it’s pump last week, and fortunately I found out because I started it up, cleaned the bathroom, then went downstairs to put in a load of wash. And water was pouring down from the kitchen into the basement. Yuck-o!!! And no Daddy to call for help, darn it! At this point I’m thinking, ‘life sucks, then you die.’ Not really, but I felt like getting dramatic for a moment. Actually I was thinking, yay! The dishwasher was old when I bought my home 15 years ago, and I’m so into getting a new one. And this is where the fun starts.

Every appliance in my home is Kenmore of some vintage or other, simply because I like Kenmore for everything. Except dishwashers. I like GE / Hotpoint. So I went to the GE website, and of course the first dishwasher I see was $1,429.00. And I about had a stroke. I. just. want. it. to. wash. dishes. That’s it. No bells and whistles. Scrolling towards the end of the dishwasher list I finally found some dishwashers in my price range. Now all I need to do is go to my local appliance store and see which one has the least amount of features (the less to break down, right, because I. just. want. it. to. wash. dishes).

A couple of people I’ve told about this think I’m a big nut for needing a replacement dishwasher. See, I was required to wash dishes by hand from a very early age, and I. hate. washing. dishes. by. hand. HATE in a big way.

Me washing dishes at a very young age. Blech!
My older brother is drying the dishes.

But I don’t tell them that. I just tell them that I think a dishwasher can get dishes much cleaner and rinse & dry them much better than I can.

So has anyone bought a dishwasher lately? And if so, do you have anything to warn me about, since I have never bought a dishwasher in my life?