Double Eeeek!!

When I came home on Sunday night I saw this huge spider on the side of my home. Okay, well, not as big as a daddy long legs in diameter and not as big as those spiders you see elsewhere, but this guy was huge in comparison to the other spider I have on my home that I recently showed you, and his legs were wiggling wildly. And what are those shiny things – his eyeballs? Notice I’m calling this spider a “him”!

DSC02535 crop

I mean a girl spider can’t be this ugly, can she?

DSC02533 crop

And she wouldn’t have such hairy legs, would she?

DSC02531 crop

Although that butt is kinda big.

As I was going to work yesterday morning, there were two of these guys on my home. I sure hope they don’t keep multiplying! All kidding aside, I actually think this spider is *very* cool! As long as it doesn’t touch me.

P.S. Thanks for all of your comments on my dishwasher post. I bought a GE dishwasher today at my local appliance store, and wouldn’t you know, because I went in there *after* 3:00 I won’t get it until next *THURSDAY*! If I had been there before 3:00 it would be here tomorrow. How icky is that? Now I have to waste time every night doing dishes. How b-o-r-i-n-g!