I think I’ve mentioned before that I pretty much like most music. The guy I’m working with at work has an mp3 player so we’re always curious what each other is coming up with for new or rediscovered music. One group I had completely forgotten about that he has on his player is Blackfoot. OMG, remember them? Southern Rock, which I love for sure, and a Native American or two. I looked at the library to see if they had any albums (no) so I’ve downloaded some of their music to my iPod and I’ve been rockin’ to them all week. And I’m not sick of them yet. In fact, I may download more tonight, hmmmm.
I went to their website and they’re touring this year! How awesome! It seems like quite a few of the groups from years past are touring again.


I love album art, don’t you? I love the kitty on this next album cover:


Generally I like music that makes me happy. But there is one song that can cause me to cry on the spot. It happens every time I hear it. Because it makes me think of my Dad. In fact, I just heard it on my way home. It’s ‘Lightning Crashes’ by Live.

How about you, do you have a song that can make you bawl on the spot, or one that makes you smile wide, or one that takes you right back to a special time you associate it with?