Dream Catcher

I went to pick up my dishwasher (are you sick of hearing about it yet) and the guy that was loading it into my explorer said “I like your dream catcher.” I’m thinking ‘WTF?’ And then it hits me, oh, my DREAM CATCHER! Nobody, but nobody EVER comments on my dream catcher so he totally caught me off guard.

Dream catcher I bought at the top of Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona about five years ago. It was made by a Navajo Native American.
I took this photo while driving home.

Then he says “I have a dream catcher tattoo on my arm” and he rolled up his shirt sleeve to show me. It was very cool, for a tat. I asked him where he got it and then I told him I got my dream catcher in Arizona. Turns out his mother is a Choctaw Native American originally from Oklahoma and she lives in Arizona. He proceeded to show me another tattoo on his other arm with the word Choctaw and I don’t remember what else. And he has one on his back which fortunately (or unfortunately) I didn’t see because I needed to move my truck to make way for other people. Hmmm, now what other appliance do I need to buy so I can go pick it up so I can go talk to him again. I’m only kidding, of course!