Do All Old Sears Buildings Look Alike?

So I had to find the old Sears building today to go try to do something (I didn’t succeed, I’ll try again tomorrow, have to love the State of NY and the hours they keep and that they don’t match up with my free time) and I asked my work friends where this building is and they gave me a general location and how to get there. I wanted to ask them, “so, does the Sears building here look like the one in Syracuse?” but what the heck, they’re not from Syracuse, so they wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. So I’m going down the road, looking at street numbers, looking, looking, and all of a sudden. . . I see a familiar looking, unmistakable, no questions asked, old Sears building. And it looks just like the old Sears building in Syracuse. The only difference is this old building is being used for *everything* under the sun, and the old Sears building in Syracuse is sitting vacant, looking all lonesome for itself, and if I’m brave because now it sits forlorn in a “bad” part of town, I’ll take a photo of it next time I’m there.

But for now, I’m really curious, do all old Sears buildings around the country look like the two I know about? This photo is taken from the back of the building.


Please let me know!