Beautiful Sunrise and Beautiful Trees

I went to work 45 minutes early, in complete darkness, so I could leave early to go back to the old Sears building to get my business done with the state. At work, we had an early morning meeting, and when we walked out of the meeting, I saw this:

Part of the sunrise I saw this morning at work. It was much more gorgeous in person!

It was raining outside, so I wasn’t able to take any more photos of the old Sears building today. But once inside I noticed the familiar bank of escalators. These escalators always intrigued me when I was a kid, I don’t know why. But I did have a nightmare story of getting lost in the store once when I was there with my Mom, and I went looking for her. I went up the escalator, and she was going down the escalator next to the one I was on. As a really young kid I didn’t get what I needed to do! She told me to stay put once I got to the top and she came and got me.

I got my business done with the state with some very nice ladies, and then ran some errands and captured some trees. Here’s the sugar maple I promised I would keep capturing for you.

DSC02563 crop
It’s getting there colorwise, but this tree takes its merry ole time every year!

Many of the trees are looking really pretty right now:

DSC02562 crop

And my neighbor’s red maple is looking really pretty.