Hand Washing

Mary’s post from Friday about the severe water shortage they’re experiencing in North Carolina and her concern about people not washing their hands got me irked even more than I already have been for a while. I have seen more people leave the restroom after using the toilet and *not* washing their hands. I have talked to some of my male friends about this, and they said they see the same thing. And I’m talking everyone, including professors (this started with me while I was at school the last time), especially our biology professor. I’ve seen people at my present job do this, too. Not only this, but I’ve heard that staph infections are traveling around in schools now. I’ve heard the excuse, “I don’t wash my hands because it dries them out.” You know what I say in response? “Drink more water and carry hand lotion with you.” I carry a backpack to work and I have a bottle of hand lotion tucked into one of the side pockets.

How *freakin’* gross is all of this? I know I don’t need to explain how gross it is.

Okay, so I’ve read in two different places just this past week to wash my hands for the length of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. That’s twice, as in about 30 seconds of hand washing, with soap, and that will kill the germs on my hands. I add “with soap” because I’ve seen people just quickly dash their hands under the water, sans soap. This is one place I would not let a water shortage stop me, because it has been shown that hand washing does prevent illnesses.

I also carry a bottle of liquid hand sanitizer in my vehicle, along with sanitizing wipes, for such cases where I can’t wash my hands and I’ve done something dirty, like pumping gas.

In the words of my Grandmother (my Mom’s Mom) who lost her husband (a farmer) at a very young age leaving her very poor to raise seven children on her own, “soap and water doesn’t cost that much, so there is no reason to be dirty just because we’re poor.”

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but thanks for letting me rant. Here’s more pretty trees I saw in my travels yesterday.