My Office Assistant, Or. . .

1st days at a new job stink, so do 2nd days, but it’s getting better because now I have a new office assistant. Or should I say one of my job responsibilities is to dog-sit for the owner’s dog when she needs me to. Wah! Heart break! What to do? When she left him with me today so she could go to a doctor’s appointment, I put his little hiney to work! Uh huh. R-i-g-h-t.

His name is Corragio, which is Italian for courage. Big courageous dog. When he was in my arms he was shaking and crying for his owner. So I set him on my desk.

He wasn’t much help, though, but he sure is a cutie, and how can I refuse those big brown eyes and his cute little body, anyway?

P.S. I did ask what he is, but I don’t remember because he’s a mix of three different breeds, I think.

P.P.S. My desk is not normally messy with papers like that. I usually keep it really cleaned up because I can’t stand a mess on my desk.