Happy Halloween!

Oh my, you have *got* to see this! When my office assistant came in to work today, I laughed so hard and I couldn’t stop laughing! Today he was SUPER DOG!! (Said like you would say Super Man)! While I don’t have a photo of him walking into my office because it was unexpected and the camera wasn’t out, I do have him where his owner (my boss) is showing how she fashioned the little shorts so his tail could stick out

DSC02703 crop

and so can his pee pee (hee hee)

DSC02704 crop

Super Dog does not like to be dressed, and wanted out of the whole silly thing. I mean after all, isn’t he beautiful without the duds?

DSC02705 crop

Super Dog was tired from all of the excitement, and promptly fell asleep. I mean, after all, Super Man had to sleep, too, right?