Would You Pay More For Green Energy?

Every year lately I’ve been receiving ‘Voice Your Choice’ packages from my local gas & electric company. This year I have decided to go with a new electric company which offers “green” energy for a little more per kilowatt hour. Per the brochure, green energy is referring to water and wind energy, as opposed to the non-green energy of burning coal and/or etc.

I was surprised to learn that electricity in my part of the world was generated by anything but water given my close proximity to Niagara Falls. Grrr, this is where I need my Dad so I can ask him, because his Dad used to work at a gas & electric company, and he would know.

2007-06-30 DSC00916

So here’s my question, pretending I can believe the ‘Voice Your Choice’ brochure about green vs. non-green energy, if you were in my shoes, would you pay a bit more per kilowatt hour for green energy?

P.S. I wasn’t trying to trip anyone up with the woolly caterpillar question, I just assumed everyone knew that the size of the orange band on the caterpillar represented how mild or how bad winter is going to be. A narrower orange band predicts a bad winter vs. a wider orange band predicts a mild winter (Thanks for the correction Jen – I was totally fried when I wrote this last night). That’s it! Sorry about that.