Eastman Theatre – No Photos Please!

Mom and I went to the RPO again this past Sunday, and as I promised in a previous post, I started taking photos of the gorgeous interior so I could share it with you. I started snapping and over walked this woman handing out pamphlets who told me I wasn’t allowed to take photos. HUH? I asked her why. She said because it is part of the Eastman School of Music. Well, that really wasn’t a good enough answer for me, but my Mother was sitting there, and she is always telling me that I am confrontational and I didn’t want to get a lecture about it later. I did anyway. She asked me why can’t I just say okay to people when they tell me not to do something and just drop it. I said because it was illogical. I can take photos at the Eastman House, but not the Eastman Theatre? I wasn’t taking photos of the people in the RPO, just the theatre. Then I said to her, I wonder what George Eastman would think of my not being allowed to photograph the interior of his theatre. And this is a free country and nobody can tell me where I can and cannot take photos unless it is going to compromise the safety of the country.

So because I don’t get it, I’m still posting one of the three photos, even though it is yucky because I was just warming up to what I needed to do to frame a good photo. This is one of the views from the Mezzanine.


Even so, the RPO’s Casual Sunday Matinee 2: Honor: An American Salute in honor of Veteran’s Day was awesome. Even when they did the Armed Forces Salute and asked the veterans to stand when their song was being played. When they got to the Navy, both Mom and I lost it right on the spot.

I never did get to blog about the first matinee on October 21. They did The Birth of Jazz, and that was awesome, too.

Have you ever been told not to take photos of something you’re really enjoying?