Froggy Went a Wooing. . .

I was in my Mom’s potting shed the other day. Well, it’s not really a shed because it’s on the second floor of her barn, separated by a wall from my Dad’s woodworking shop (don’t get me started).


And I spied this froggy, which I haven’t seen in forever:


I made this froggy with my own two hands. He’s supposed to be totally green except his eyeballs and his bottom lip and chin. So what’s wrong with his color? I made him in 7th or 8th grade art class and I don’t think the kiln was hot enough for him to keep his color over the years. Even though he wasn’t perfect even after I made him, my Mom has treasured him and placed him in various places inside and outside over the years. Some of his little toes have been chopped off over the years. But I worked hard on this frog, and it warms my heart that my Mom still has him. Just like a Mom or Dad to treasure something a kid makes for her or him, isn’t it!

What did you make for your Mom or Dad when you were a kid that they treasure or treasured?