‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’ by Ken Follett

I could not believe it when I saw ‘Pillars of the Earth’ by one of my favorite intrigue authors Ken Follett is now part of Oprah’s Book Club. I read this book years ago and was recommending it to everyone at that time. In fact, here’s a photo of the cover of my copy, copyright 1989.


I picked this up on a bargain table at a bookstore in the mall in anticipation of a long road trip to Manistee, Michigan and back. Here’s the cover the way it looks now:


So why am I bringing this up besides the fact that I’m still recommending this book? Because Ken Follett has written another book ‘World Without End‘ as a follow-up to ‘Pillars of the Earth.’ Even though it is the second book, it can stand by itself. I’m about 3/4 of the way through and I am once again recommending this latest book to anyone who likes to read historical fiction.  I won’t take the time to give any book details here, as you can read them on Oprah’s website and Amazon.com.


Hopefully it won’t take this one as long to make it on Oprah’s Book Club list as ‘Pillars of the Earth’ did.