Get Me *Out* of This Outfit!

I haven’t been talking about work because there are some major messes that need to be cleaned up and the major messes are making my life a living hell, seriously. The cleaning up will end up in the firing of a few people who are not good for the place. But we have to get new people in so I can have the secretary that I want (she’s worked there for years so I know she’s good), and etc. You know how it goes. . . So I haven’t been talking about it much. But yesterday my boss called down the stairs to me so I could see *the dog* in his latest outfit. And I had to go grab my camera. . .

Get the me the hell out of this outfit.  NOW.

DSC02857 crop
There is a little tag at the top underneath the hood that says “IAM BAD.”

DSC02856 crop
If you don’t take me out of this outfit now I’m going to show you just how bad I am.

Obviously my boss is a Miami Dolphins fan. I’m not, but I don’t tell her that!

I am so ticked about having that stupid outfit on for so long, I am going to chew this toy to bits.

Grrrrrrrrrrr. . .

He was flipping that dog up into the air while he was on his back. Unfortunately I didn’t capture it!