What Makes It All Worthwhile

Things have gotten really bad at work as the firings began. I won’t even get into it. I wish we would get to firing the secretary because she is really messing things up, including my work schedule, but all in time I guess.

But I do have to show you what makes it all worthwhile.

Looking for the Gingerbread Man

These cute little adorable people. Their gingerbread man ran away from their room and they were looking for him. The little boy is the one who spotted him first!

DSC02867 crop
Gingerbread Man found!

I am hopelessly in love with the little boy (on the right):

DSC02869 crop

Seriously, I am head over heels in love with him. He has the *sweetest* personality, he is very expressive and very helpful. I have to get my fix of him several times a day in order for me to make it through the day. He tilts his head, raises his shoulders, smiles and bats his eyes at me, and I do the same to him. He also throws me kisses, as do the little girls. These kids get right into your heart and I want to see them grow up. So I have to stick with it.

P.S.  One day this little boy was crying (he *never* cries) so of course I dropped everything and picked him up.  Oh my, he is much heavier than he looks!  One very solid little boy, for sure!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lizalee
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 10:36:24

    Our kindergarten teachers do this with their classes each year. It’s so fun. They hunt all over the school for their gingerbread men. So cute. There is something so wonderful about tiny kids, isn’t there?


  2. mon@rch
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 22:00:01

    Sorry to hear about things at work but thanks for sharing the good things that happen in your office!


  3. mary
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 22:14:52


    Children have a way of letting you know what’s important in life.

    Hang in there Pam.

    He looks so huggable.


  4. Susan Gets Native
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 00:01:11

    Kids were made cute so their parents wouldn’t chuck them out to live in the yard, like the little yard apes they are.

    You work in a great place….sweet, innocent-LOOKING angels all around.


  5. jayne
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 17:12:29

    Just pure sweetness Pam!


  6. Cathy
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 09:28:14

    Pam! That is so sweet. I’m sure you bring a lot of love into their lives, too. Susan’s comments are a hoot!


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