Wordless Wednesday

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 468
I need some more warm sunshine after this wickedly
windy, cold, snowy day here, so here’s another
Arizona photo, this one taken last March at the
Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ.
Please feel the heat with me again!

The Sun

I don’t get to see the sunset at my home, so I watched for it at my Mom’s home last night.

Taken through the window.

While there wasn’t anything spectacular about it, it was nice to see the sun even though it still isn’t that warm out. I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine wherever you live!

Thinking Warm Thoughts

It’s been so cold for so long, or what seems like so long, that I’m having thoughts of nice warm weather in hot, sunny places.

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 234
Saguaro at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Mar 2007
The blue sky and sunshine, mmmmmm, heat.

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 272
Warm sunshine on these beautiful, flying jewels.

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 310
A broken winged (sob) Turkey Vulture soaking up the sunshine via his wings.

AZ-2007-03-20thru29 316
Another vulture soaking up the hot sunshine through his wings.

Mmmm, warm, bright sunshine. I hope you can “feel” it with me!

“Hairy Vine, No Friend of Mine”

I know I have poison ivy in various places around my backyard, but I didn’t know for sure until looking for things to photograph recently that it is one of the vines growing up the Shagbark Hickory in my backyard.

“Hairy Vine, No Friend of Mine”

One may think this is not dangerous right now because it *looks* dormant, but touching it now is just as bad as touching it with leaves. No touchy, touchy ever!! I sooooo don’t want to get poison ivy on my skin ever again! Even though I would love to find out what those hairs feel like. And even though I would have loved to get a macro photo of the hairs, this was as close as I was going to get to the whole thing.

Why Won’t He Smile For My Camera?

So the little cutie at work smiles up a storm for me and laughs and babbles and does his eye blinking flirting, etc. Until I pull the camera out of my pocket, and then he freezes:


This is definitely a freeze face, he’s usually very expressive!

So I put the camera back in my pocket and he’s back to the smiling, laughing and eye blinking flirting. Why does the little guy freeze up at the camera? Who knows.

I *finally* finished the tax statements for all of the parents today. Yay!!! That was a ton of work that I am happy to be done with. And now that I’m just starting to enjoy my job and getting people trained, I just got an awesome job posting in my email that I just *have* to respond to. As well as 1,000,000,000,000 other people in this city. I wonder if we’ll ever get back to the days where potential employees can pick and chose what job they want (you know, 20 jobs for each potential employee), like it used to be. I know, dream on. I’ll shut up about this subject now.


My Mom was working on one of her quilts yesterday and I was capturing photos and video of her telling me stories of herself and her own Mom. You know how much I love hands, especially my parents’ hands. Here’s my Mom’s hands working on her quilt at the sewing machine. This is so precious to me not only because I love her hands, but because those hands taught me to sew on the sewing machine when I was seven and I haven’t stopped since. We both love to sew.


She’s working on the double wedding ring quilt, which she says will take her the rest of her life.


I don’t think so. She works fast.


She is working to convert my Dad’s room into her sewing room. I painted the walls in my Dad’s room for him two summers ago, but it reminds her of him, so she’s going to change it, even though the paint is still relatively fresh.

I thought the heads on her quilting pins in her pin-cushion made a cool close-up photo:


Flowers In The Winter

My Mom is all about having flowers around all year even though we live in the north. Here’s one of the plants she brings inside in the winter from her porch. These pretty flowers are really nice to see in the middle of winter, especially on this way below freezing day.


Half Moon Cookies

I tried looking for a while about the history of the Half Moon Cookie. I’m going to keep looking and I’ll let you know if I find it. If you have no idea what I’m even talking about, check out this excellent photo of one here. The half moon cookie seems to be a central New York tradition. When I was a kid we shopped at Green Hills Farms and every once in a while my parents would pick up some half moon cookies for us to each have one each (where you can still buy them). Oh, such joy. It is a soft cake cookie, either white or chocolate, with buttercream frosting, one half in vanilla frosting, the other half in dark chocolate frosting. I am a very picky half moon cookie connoisseur having been spoiled by the central New York version, so this is all in my humble opinion.

When I moved around I wasn’t able to find them. Until I came to my present location. And I was in a restaurant with a bakery when I first saw them! So I went up to the counter and asked for one half moon cookie please. The person at the counter had no idea what I was referring to. So I pointed to the cookie. And they said “oh, half and halves!” WTF. Half and halves? They’re half moon cookies. Well, so I ate it, and it wasn’t like the central New York half moon cookie. People, including Martha S. , half moon cookies (also called black and whites by others) don’t have hard icing and hard cake cookies. This photo shows what a hard half moon cookie looks like – ick!


This is what they *shouldn’t* look like.
This looks so unappetizing, I wouldn’t waste my time eating this.

They have *buttercream frosting*, spread on thick, don’t waste my time with a thin layer and don’t waste my time with icing. You shouldn’t be able to wrap them in plastic wrap because the frosting and soft cake cookie would stick to the plastic. Icing on them sucks. Out. Loud.

So I’m on the search for a good recipe for half moon cookies. No problem with the frosting because I have a totally to die for buttercream frosting from my Mom’s old Duncan Hines baking book. But the cake cookie part should be interesting. I’ve spent time online at the Syracuse Post-Standard archives looking for half moon cookie recipes. I’m hoping to have a good recipe in time for Valentine’s Day. Shhhh, don’t tell, okay? And blogging friends, I would be more than happy to send you some each, but like I said they can’t be wrapped if they’re made right. You have to eat them fresh.

An ad I found in the Syracuse Herald-Journal
for half moon cookies at the Mohican store
in the 1940’s for $0.30 a dozen! Mmmmm!

Soooo, have you ever heard of half moon cookies, or [cough] black and whites? Or have you ever tried making them?

Copyright Free Library of Congress Photos on Flickr & etc.

Yay, I love old photos, as you know, and the Library of Congress has a Flickr account here with over 3,000 old photos that are copyright free. Here’s the Library of Congress blog post regarding this news. They’re looking for people to tag and make notes on these photos! And when you look at their photos on Flickr you’ll see that they don’t cut off *any* of the details at all, which is one of the points I made last week about digitization of photos! Here’s what Flickr has to say about it, too.

Here’s another of my Mom’s amaryllis.

OMG, my little friend at work whose photo I showed yesterday had on the cutest Elmo shirt today, so I said “[insert name here] I love your shirt, look at all of those Elmos all over it!” He started babbling and laughing and pulling on his shirt it was so cute I wish I could have captured it on video to show you! But it’s one of those moments that is over too quick.

A Brand New Little Love

I am so sorry I am behind on my blog reading given my lovely work schedule. I’m hoping to fix it up a bit in a couple of weeks. But anyway, even though I need to get to bed I just have to tell you about the sweetest little baby girl that I’ve had the pleasure of helping to provide care to in the last two days. She is all of seven weeks old, that’s it. She has the brightest eyes and beautiful little dimples when she holds her cheeks a certain way. She is totally a very happy baby – the only baby in the room of babies that doesn’t cry except that she is breastfed. And her Mom puts her breast milk in bottles for her. And little cutie doesn’t want the bottle nipple, she wants Mommy and Mommy alone. So you can imagine me trying to give little cutie the bottle while I held her in my arms. She zooms in on *my* chest. Sorry honey, it doesn’t work that way! I eventually put her in a little rocker and after much crying with the foreign bottle nipple in her mouth and much trying and talking to her on my part she took the bottle. I paved the way for the day because the other girls had no problem giving her the bottle after that. Yay! Eventually I may be able to get a photo of her for you to see how beautiful she is. And all I can think of while I’m taking care of her and smelling her new baby scent? Is a job so freakin’ important as to leave such a beautiful baby girl with strangers to take care of her all day long?

And so I don’t leave you photoless (because you know I don’t like to make photoless blog entries) I give you a photo of the little waddler that I’ve blogged about before. I was taking photos of the waddlers marching around the room, and he became so intrigued with my camera he sat down right in front of it and was intensely investigating it (he’s one very smart little boy):


Couldn’t you just plant kisses on both of those fat cheeks? I don’t do that, but when I rub his back or ears it makes him laugh. And I love to hear kids this young laugh!

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