A Brand New Little Love

I am so sorry I am behind on my blog reading given my lovely work schedule. I’m hoping to fix it up a bit in a couple of weeks. But anyway, even though I need to get to bed I just have to tell you about the sweetest little baby girl that I’ve had the pleasure of helping to provide care to in the last two days. She is all of seven weeks old, that’s it. She has the brightest eyes and beautiful little dimples when she holds her cheeks a certain way. She is totally a very happy baby – the only baby in the room of babies that doesn’t cry except that she is breastfed. And her Mom puts her breast milk in bottles for her. And little cutie doesn’t want the bottle nipple, she wants Mommy and Mommy alone. So you can imagine me trying to give little cutie the bottle while I held her in my arms. She zooms in on *my* chest. Sorry honey, it doesn’t work that way! I eventually put her in a little rocker and after much crying with the foreign bottle nipple in her mouth and much trying and talking to her on my part she took the bottle. I paved the way for the day because the other girls had no problem giving her the bottle after that. Yay! Eventually I may be able to get a photo of her for you to see how beautiful she is. And all I can think of while I’m taking care of her and smelling her new baby scent? Is a job so freakin’ important as to leave such a beautiful baby girl with strangers to take care of her all day long?

And so I don’t leave you photoless (because you know I don’t like to make photoless blog entries) I give you a photo of the little waddler that I’ve blogged about before. I was taking photos of the waddlers marching around the room, and he became so intrigued with my camera he sat down right in front of it and was intensely investigating it (he’s one very smart little boy):


Couldn’t you just plant kisses on both of those fat cheeks? I don’t do that, but when I rub his back or ears it makes him laugh. And I love to hear kids this young laugh!