Copyright Free Library of Congress Photos on Flickr & etc.

Yay, I love old photos, as you know, and the Library of Congress has a Flickr account here with over 3,000 old photos that are copyright free. Here’s the Library of Congress blog post regarding this news. They’re looking for people to tag and make notes on these photos! And when you look at their photos on Flickr you’ll see that they don’t cut off *any* of the details at all, which is one of the points I made last week about digitization of photos! Here’s what Flickr has to say about it, too.

Here’s another of my Mom’s amaryllis.

OMG, my little friend at work whose photo I showed yesterday had on the cutest Elmo shirt today, so I said “[insert name here] I love your shirt, look at all of those Elmos all over it!” He started babbling and laughing and pulling on his shirt it was so cute I wish I could have captured it on video to show you! But it’s one of those moments that is over too quick.

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  1. mary
    Jan 18, 2008 @ 21:54:14

    Your Mom’s amaryllis is so nice, Pam. Makes me want to grow things in my house but I don’t think I’d be too successful since the poinsettia is dropping leaves…

    Kids can make your day, right? Love ’em.


  2. Susan Gets Native
    Jan 19, 2008 @ 01:13:17

    Well, that Flickr link will keep me busy for days….thanks a lot, Pam.

    ; )


  3. Pam
    Jan 19, 2008 @ 10:29:58

    Mary – She grows the best plants. She has such a green thumb. Oh yeah, the *only* reason why I stick around is for the kids.

    Susan – me too!


  4. jayne
    Jan 19, 2008 @ 10:36:53

    Beautiful Pam!


  5. mon@rch
    Jan 19, 2008 @ 11:21:28

    Very cool for sure and didn’t know about these photos! Thanks and kids are soo cute! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Sandy
    Jan 19, 2008 @ 12:19:46

    Interesting, I am on my way to look!


  7. winterwoman
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 07:20:56

    OMG The LOC has a Flickr site AND a blog. How cool is that?


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