My Mom was working on one of her quilts yesterday and I was capturing photos and video of her telling me stories of herself and her own Mom. You know how much I love hands, especially my parents’ hands. Here’s my Mom’s hands working on her quilt at the sewing machine. This is so precious to me not only because I love her hands, but because those hands taught me to sew on the sewing machine when I was seven and I haven’t stopped since. We both love to sew.


She’s working on the double wedding ring quilt, which she says will take her the rest of her life.


I don’t think so. She works fast.


She is working to convert my Dad’s room into her sewing room. I painted the walls in my Dad’s room for him two summers ago, but it reminds her of him, so she’s going to change it, even though the paint is still relatively fresh.

I thought the heads on her quilting pins in her pin-cushion made a cool close-up photo: