Why Won’t He Smile For My Camera?

So the little cutie at work smiles up a storm for me and laughs and babbles and does his eye blinking flirting, etc. Until I pull the camera out of my pocket, and then he freezes:


This is definitely a freeze face, he’s usually very expressive!

So I put the camera back in my pocket and he’s back to the smiling, laughing and eye blinking flirting. Why does the little guy freeze up at the camera? Who knows.

I *finally* finished the tax statements for all of the parents today. Yay!!! That was a ton of work that I am happy to be done with. And now that I’m just starting to enjoy my job and getting people trained, I just got an awesome job posting in my email that I just *have* to respond to. As well as 1,000,000,000,000 other people in this city. I wonder if we’ll ever get back to the days where potential employees can pick and chose what job they want (you know, 20 jobs for each potential employee), like it used to be. I know, dream on. I’ll shut up about this subject now.