My Dad’s Scissors

My Mom had a pair of my Dad’s scissors on the kitchen table yesterday, and it brought back memories. One of his jobs at the NY Telephone Company was as an electrician and he was one of the lucky guys to work up the poles and down in the manholes (yuck). In the manholes he had to splice wires, and hence the need for these scissors. He also used them quite a bit around the house.

My Dad’s electrician’s scissors, one of many pair he had.


Wiss 175E5 made in the U.S.A.

They are Wiss 175E5 5″ electrician scissors with serrations along the entire bottom blade. There are two notches for stripping different gauges of wire (19 gauge and 23 gauge). He used to wear them in a holder that would attach somehow to his belt.


View showing the serrations and two notches.

Even though these are older than I can remember, they are still very sharp. Now that’s a good pair of scissors!