One of My Valentine’s Gifts

Tonight I got busy making a huge glass baking pan of Artichoke French for my Mom for Valentine’s Day (yes, they’re a couple of days late, but she’ll love them anyway)! I buy a 5.5 lb can of Ruby Artichokes from my local Italian market. These are the best artichoke hearts – they’re huge and soft.


I drain the artichoke hearts


and while they’re draining I prepare the flour mixture, beat the eggs and get the oil heating in the skillet. Then I cut the artichoke hearts in half and drain them some more, put them in the flour mixture,


then the eggs,


and into the skillet to brown.


After they’re browned on both sides,


I put the cooked artichokes on paper towels to drain

I haven’t achieved the art of keeping all of the breading on the artichokes yet, but Mom still loves them!

then into the glass baking pan.


In a sauce pan I make the olive oil sauce to cover the cooked artichoke hearts.


Once I pour the boiled sauce over the artichokes, they’re almost drowning in the sauce.


They’re ready to take to Mom’s, where tomorrow we’ll pop them in the oven for 30 minutes and she’ll be in heaven! And I’m sure she’ll share with me. Well, maybe!

P.S. I really don’t know how people cook and photograph at the same time. I must be the messiest cook on the planet! I steamed the lens accidentally while photographing the boiling sauce


and I got flour/egg all over the camera, and my new Roman shade.

Good thing the shade is washable!