George Eastman House – Dutch Connection 2008

Today Mom and I went to the George Eastman House to see the Dutch Connection 2008 where we saw over 2,000 forced bulbs in the exhibition. For those that were reading my blog last year, here’s my post from last year’s visit. This first view for me is a sight for winter bored eyes


The colors are gorgeous again this year


Views from the 2nd floor



The amaryllis were absolutely huge and gorgeous


The reason for the difference between last year’s display and this year’s display is they try to order the same bulbs George Eastman ordered 100 years ago.

The orchids were also as gorgeous as ever



I couldn’t get too close to this one because it was behind a rope


While I love new technology, I also love seeing old technology. An old phone with no dial


And a phonograph, with some cylinder records next to it


I love the spindles in the grand staircase, representing ships’ ropes


Looking over the banister, here’s a view of the stairs


Every time I visit I see many new things that I overlooked before. Here’s a view from George Eastman’s mother’s bedroom window of the garden in winter


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the symmetry of the house and garden. I’ll have to remember to look out this window in the summer time. Here’s a link to my post of my visit to the garden last summer.

P.S.  We went back to my Mom’s home and had dinner, including the Artichoke French, mmmmm!