Kisses For You

OMG today was pajama day in the waddler room at work and those little people in their pj’s were so huggable of course I had to hug all of them, don’t you know!! Even the teacher had her pj bottoms on. Of course smarty pants me had to ask her if she had undies on. You know, like asking a man with a kilt on if he’s wearing undies. Don’t tell me you don’t wonder about *that.*


Lookit at this little girl (one of my other favs), with her footsies and everything, how snuggable and huggable is she!


And you know I had to capture my little snuggle bunny with his little footsies, whose feet I just had to tickle and he absolutely loved it!


The teacher was putting together a train for the kids:


And they were all intrigued:

Don’t you love his little hand on her foot?


And for the pièce de résistance, before they were going down for their naps my little snuggle bunny was throwing loud kisses with both hands at me, and I’m sharing them with you because they are just too sweet not to share!

Loading up both barrels with kisses to throw “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Throwing the kisses “Mmmahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Consider yourself majorly kissed!

Wordless Wednesday


We saw this at the George Eastman House exhibition Larry Towell: The World From My Front Porch. Mom thought it was a great idea to display children’s artwork!

P.S. Sorry I can’t show anything else from this excellent exhibition since Larry Towell is a photographer, and no photos of photos are allowed.