Nightshade, by Susan Wittig Albert

Remember Susan Albert’s blog tour for The Tale of Hawthorne House, the latest book in her Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter mystery series? She posted about Beatrix Potter’s Lake District on my blog here. I thought you would. Well, Susan is doing another blog tour for the 16th book in her China Bayles mystery series. Nightshade is coming out on April 1st and my blog will be on her tour once again. More details later!

Today in the mail I received an advance copy of Susan’s book Nightshade signed by Susan! How awesome is this?


I should have taken the photo before starting to read it so the cover would have stayed flat!

I’ve seen advance copies on other people’s blogs, I’ve drooled over the thoughts of reading a book by a favorite author before it actually hits the stores, and now I don’t have to drool any longer, and I don’t have to wait (impatiently) until April 1st to read Nightshade! I’m on Chapter 3 and you know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the night! Susan totally made my day!

Wordless Wednesday


Sunset on Saturday night taken from my vehicle.
It was much more red than it shows here.
Since then, we’ve received a foot of snow with more coming.