Winter Vegetable Chowder

Mmmm, I found this recipe in the March Good Housekeeping magazine and shared it with my Mom. She made it last week and it was yummy, so I made it today, mmmm. If you want to see the original recipe without my modifications you can find it here.

I chopped the leeks and celery and put the parsnips in the food processor. Anything I don’t like in chunks (like carrots) ends up in the food processor.


All mixed together getting soft in the pot:


Cut-up butternut squash and potatoes (the store didn’t have red potatoes so I used Yukon Gold, and I keep the skins on because that’s where the nutrition is):


Mmmm, leeks, celery & parsnips are soft:


and ready for the rest of the ingredients:


And while this was cooking, I decided to make chocolate pudding for dinner:


The powder from the box:


The soy milk mixed in and now for the stirring and waiting for the boiling:


Stirring and waiting. . .


I actually washed up the dishes while waiting for this to boil. I don’t stir it the whole time! Dishes were done and still no boiling. So I decided to photograph the bowls I use for the pudding. I couldn’t get a good photo of the bowls themselves, except for the bottom. They’re some old Hall bowls I bought at a flea market when I was collecting Hall china.


Finally! It’s boiling!


And cooling in the bowls:


Mmmm, I love Saturday night dinners!